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Dog Tear Stain 101

Are you wanting to learn more about dog tear stains? Then you have come to the informational webpage that will give you dog tear stains 101 information. To lean more read below or visit websites like http://tear-stain-center.com.

Does your dog have brown or red stains? Dogs can form stains on their facial area for several reasons. The most common reasons are genetically inclined, which include:

1. Shallow eye sockets
2. Eyelids that face inward
3. Extreme hair growth around eyes
4. Blocked tear holes/ducts

No matter what dog breed you have, if they have light colored hair/fur, then their tear stains will be more visible on their facial area. If your dog has extreme hair growth near its eyes, then your dog may also be prone to the development of stains.

Dogs with short snouts like Pekinese, Pugs and Maltese are most often born with shallow eye sockets or inward facing eyelids, whereas a Poodle or Cocker Spaniel has tear ducts that can become easily clogged.  By using a tear stain remover, you can help remove factors that can promote stains.

If your dog suffers from excessive tearing near its eye area, then it may have irritation, poor drainage, or tear ducts that are clogged easily. To help manage these issues, pet owners need to use a tear stain removal option to help alleviate the look of tears. Using facial cleansing wipes, or shampoos and conditioners can help wash out hair/fur that has accumulated tears.

The best option on the market to help reduce the look of stains is a tear stain supplement. Supplements do not remove stains, but they can diminish the look of existing stains and work towards future stains on the facial area. Supplements can retail for various costs and may contain different ingredients from one another. It is advised to use products that have no known side effects associated with them. Products that contain the substance Tylosin should only be used if prescribed by a vet. Otherwise products containing this ingredient should not be used because this ingredient has been connected to negative side effects like vomiting and diarrhea†.


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